This is a website for three groups of people.

  1. People who have a learning disability
  2. Their families and carers
  3. Professionals and those supporting people and families
  4. 4. Review of Modafinil by Medical Experts

This website aims to cover lots of topics relating to mental health or people who have a learning disability

You can also download the <link>CANDLE Resource here.

A good place for new visitors to start looking is the Checklists page. The checklists will help you get the information you are looking for from the website.

A CD resource which contains these checklists and all of the 22 images on the website can be purchased at £15.00 to aid the development of local information.

More information on the <link>Clear Thoughts CD…

For information on the Clear Thoughts project visit the ARC website.

This website now comes with Browsealoud. This means you can hear the words on the website. More information on Browsealoud.

We will try to make the information as easy to understand as possible.

The website has lots of images that aim to help with this understanding. These images were the ones people liked best when we tested them.

Each section of the website has an easy-read Introduction page.

To help people get around the website there are some simple arrows on the easier to read pages like the ones below.


The Introduction pages on the website outline what the other pages in the section say.

Each individual page on the website will start with a line or two of easy to read information.

These will be in boxes coloured like this one.

As you work down each page the words used will become more complex.

We will still try to keep the details as simple as possible.

The Introduction pages for each section are a good place to start on this website.

We suggest that people work through this information together and talk about it.

There are a number of links to more websites, resources, files and more on the pages.

Links are shown when the text colour changes and are underlined.

We hope you will find this website useful.

If there are things missing or that you don’t understand then please tell us and we will try to make it better.

This website will hopefully grow over time but it’s important we make sure that it is meeting your questions and needs.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website then contact us and we will do our best to reply.

We know that some people do not have internet access.

It is up to local organisations and professionals to print out this information for these people.

The Clear Thoughts project does not have the resources to offer this service

The organisations with their logos on this page support the Clear Thoughts website.

To visit their websites click on the logos.

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